By Amanda Puravankara 7 Best Style Tips for Slim Girls

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Since I have a very slim body shape, Amanda Puravankara always on the lookout for great style tips for slim girls. There are several fashions I would like to wear, but, unfortunately, they don’t look good on me. If you’re like me and you’re very slim, explore my best style tips for slim girls. Try them all and you will definitely find the clothes that really work!

Choose tops that flatter your shape

Find tops that flatter your body type, but stay away from anything that has excess fabric in it. Keep in mind that batwing sleeves are not good for very slim girl, since she disappears under it excess cloth. Also avoid strapless tops, as they will accentuate your lack of breasts. Choose tops that are simple and fairly fitted and that have some small detail such as pockets or ruffles to fill out your very slim appearance.

Avoid wearing baggy clothes

Don’t think that you will disguise your lack of weight if you wear baggy clothes. You will simply look like you have borrowed the clothes of your big brother! Many slim girls make this mistake, and if you are one of them, banish all those baggy clothes from your closet!

Have your clothes tailored to fit

If you are very slim, you know how it’s hard to find well-fitting clothes. Sometimes pants or sleeves are too long, or a small size is still too big. The best option here is to have your clothes tailored. It’s not expensive and you can even alter clothes yourself, of course, if you have a sewing machine. Before sewing, be sure to pin them until you get the right fit.

 Choose the best jeans

The perfect pants or jeans for slim girls are skinny jeans. But try to avoid the ultra-skinny jeans. You can also wear bootleg style jeans, if you want. But stand back from the ‘boyfriend’ cut, since they’ll simply swamp your skinny legs.

Use details to add curves

One of the main problems with being very slim is that most fashions and garments look great on girls with curves. However, you can use some details to add curves. For instance, peplum tops are amazing for giving the illusion of shape. You can also look for frills and any other detail to add bulk.

Opt for vintage style

There are vintage eras, which were made especially for slim girls. Just think of those 1920’s flapper dresses! You cannot wear them if you are generously endowed! And empire waistlines are so wonderful! You can also find 1960’s-inspired clothes such as a mini dress, and wear it over your fitted jeans if your legs are very skinny.

Cover up

When it comes to coats what can a very slim girl wear? Puffa jackets are completely out, since they will make you look absolutely out of proportion. A fitted coat that nips in at the waist is the perfect option. You can wear it with a belt to add curves. And make sure that the length is in proportion with your height.

When it comes to finding flattering clothes, each body shape has its own challenge. It’s difficult to find clothes if you are very slim or very tall. But there are always the perfect clothes for you, just don’t give up! Do you have any style tips for slim girls? Feel free to share them!

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